David Beckham wants to bring C.Ronaldo to Miami

It has already been confirmed and announced to the public that David Beckham wants to lure ZlatanIbrahimovic to his MLS expansion team as the Englishman wants to bring world class players to his new club.

Ibrahimovic himself stated that he would be delighted in making a move to the MLS side of David Beckham, so it’s only really a matter of time until the Swedish makes a transfer to the American League, this will probably occur when his time with PSG runs out.

Another high profile player that David Beckham wants to lure to his American outfit is Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s believed that a 2 year long contract offer is what Beckham is prepared to offer the Portuguese superstar but contrary to Ibrahimovic who has already revealed his desire to actually join Beckham’s MLS team, Cristiano Ronaldo still hasn’t officially replied to the job offer of David Beckham.

Trying to lure C.Ronaldo to the MLS will be a very difficult task as the Portuguese player is being rumored on making a return to his former side Manchester United after his contract with Real Madrid expires and there are a vast amount of clubs that have shown interest in securing the services of the 30 year old attacker.

C.Ronaldo’s contract with Real Madrid extends until 2018, so there still is plenty of time for the 3 time Ballon d’Or winner to decide what to do when he reaches the twilight stages of his career but if there is something that the Portuguese player wants to continue doing even at his more advanced age is to break more records and it’s likely that he will be able to do this in the MLS which still is a fairly young league at least to those compared with the big European ones.