Dietmar Hamann criticizes Jurgen Klopp of not having Plans for Team

In the opinion of Dietmar Hamann, the problem with Jurgen Klopp is that he does not have different plans up his sleeve and he tries and beats the opposition with the same method all the time.

Klopp’s philosophy is just to outrun the opposition on the pitch, but, that philosophy alone can’t work in a competition like Premiership because every team has got the pace and stamina here and you can’t think of winning by simply covering more distance than the other team.

The thing is that Klopp has not had experience of such a competition before where the fitness level of all the teams is so high and every team is right up there in terms of pace. The method that he has been trying to implement is correct for those competitions where there is a difference between the pace of the teams and it’s possible to get on top of the opposition with just sheer pace, but, not for Premiership.

In the words of Hamann, “They (Liverpool) don’t seem to be dynamic to me which you need to be to compete over here. If you reckon that you can just rely on your pace and outrun the opponent, you are under massive illusion and the sooner you get yourself out of that illusion, the better.”

“That’s the difference between the league here and the leagues in the other countries, the intensity and that’s why, the method which has born you results elsewhere may backfire here.”

“You have got to have more than one plan, you can’t just take the pitch with the same plan every time and as I said, the plan surely can’t be to outrun the team you are facing because you won’t be able to do that over here.”