Ronaldo Comes In Comparison With Messi

If you compare Cristiano Ronaldo with anyone it would probably be Lionel Messi.

The latter has had achievements and shown abilities on the field that can be compared to Ronaldo and the latter to the former.

With the recent announcement of Messi retiring from an international career, there is much debate and discussions doing the rounds about Messi and Ronaldo. Their images on and off the field are often compared to be polar opposites, akin to batman and joker. It is, however, irrefutable that both players are the best international players in the football arena.

Ronaldo is known to have a character that often shows itself in unique ways to opposing teams on the field. For instance, when Portugal was playing against Iceland, there were certain comments made by him that were debatable and got the rumor mills moving at the beginning of euro 2016. Ronaldo is definitely a star on the field, but age is creeping in as well.

Hence, his ability to lead the team in knockout rounds is questioned by experts these days. However, all questions die down when Ronaldo starts scoring the goals that he often stops from scoring in certain games. In euro 2016 he scored two legendary goals against Hungary that stopped all criticisms about his performance. Argentina has been led by Messi in many instances, but Messi could not help the country will a final in three consecutive tournaments, the recent one being a failed attempt to win against Chile in Copa America.

At the club level, both players have performed very well, having scored a high number of goals in both cases. However, international performances are more difficult to measure and that is for both these legendary players as well during their long playing careers in the field.