Raphael Varane is and remains one of the few fortunate people to join a club with the status of Real Madrid as a callow youth.

Known for their premium way of purchasing the best players in the world for most of their history, the Galaticos – which by the way is the reason they are thus called – have rarely operated from a youth-centric mode of building squads.

Even sprinkling of youth across the first team has always been a bit of an issue. From Del Bosque to Jose Mourinho, every coach to have manned the Santiago Bernabeudug out has been made to work with a superstar-centric squad. It never mattered much what the coaches personally preferred. They weren’t the ones paying the bills.

So Raphael like few of the fortunate youths over the years joined LosBlancos during the summer raid of 2011. Like most of his contemporaries, the French man was meant to be a back up to the established stars in the squad till another Galatico would be added.

However his assured and measured strong performances on the pitch when called upon to have a run in meant waving him off as an expendable back up as at when due was going to take a back seat.

His displays grew stronger and bolder to the point that then coach Jose Mourinho had to relegate someone everyone knew could take a bullet for him – Pepe – to the bench.

In recent seasons though, injuries coupled with loss of form due to inconsistent match appearances have left the Bernabeu crowd with the pain of waiting for the real Raphael Varane to show up.

Pepe few days ago left Madrid after 10 years and with the squad now left with only Ramos as the experienced center back, Varane’s stepping up couldn’t have been needed anytime sooner.